Glasgow Street Pastors

Glasgow Street Pastors is a volunteer-based initiative with a mandate to be a visible Christian influence in the city of Glasgow.

Teams of Street Pastors walk the streets of Glasgow every weekend demonstrating compassionate care in the heart of the city. We operate a Safe Zone at St George’s Tron church every Saturday night, on Friday’s during the festive period and at other busy times in the city centre. The aim of all our activity is to help, to care and to listen. We work in partnership with local churches, Glasgow City Council, and Police Scotland, forming what is known as the Urban Trinity.

GSP is also part of a larger international movement of Street Pastors.

  • Co-ordinators News 19th November 2018

    “Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever”. Psalm 107v1 The past weekend saw 33 Street Pastors out on the streets, in the Safe Zone and Central Station, sharing the goodness of God and His enduring love. Over 100 pairs of flip flops were handed out and 146 bottles cleared from the streets, highlighting the practical nature of GSP work. Our teams held conversations with 56 men and women begging on the city streets. Some were facing the prospect of sleeping rough on both...

  • Training March 19: Welcome to GSP

    Training: Welcome to GSP Fri 1st March, 1915 - 2115 Trainer: Stuart Crawford, Willie Henry, Liz Marr

  • Training March 19: Roles & Responsibilities

    Training: Roles & Resonsibilities Sat 2nd March, 0930 - 1200 Trainer: Elaine Nicoll, Stuart Crawford, Linda Burke

  • Training March 19: Roles & Responsibilities2

    Training: Roles & Resonsibilities Sat 2nd March, 1300 - 1530 Trainer: Elaine Nicoll, Stuart Crawford

  • Training March 19: Supervised Patrol

    Training: Supervised Patrol Fri 8th March, 2130 - 0400 Trainer: Karen Anderson

  • Training March 19: Good News

    Training: Good News Sat 9th March, 1400 - 1630 Trainer: Derek McIntyre

  • Training March 19: Supervised Patrol 2

    Training: Supervised Patrol Sat 9th March, 2130 - 0400 Trainer: Ruth Kelso

  • Training March 19: Community & Culture

    Training: Community & Culture Fri 15th March, 1915 - 2115 Trainer: Alastair Duncan

  • Training March 19: Safeguarding

    Training: Safeguarding Vulnerable People Sat 16th March, 0930 - 1200 Trainer: Police Scotland

  • Training March 19: Safeguarding 2

    Training: Safeguarding Vulnerable People Sat 16th March, 1300 - 1530 Trainer: First Aiders

  • Training March 19: Supervised Patrol 3

    Training: Supervised Patrol Fri 22nd March, 2130 - 0400 Trainer: Willie Bell

  • Training March 19: Listening Skills

    Training: Listening Skills Sat 23rd March, 1400 - 1630 Trainer: Alastair Duncan

  • Training March 19: Supervised Patrol 4

    Training: Supervised Patrol Sat 23rd March, 2130 - 0400 Trainer: Margaret Reeves

  • Training March 19: Prayer

    Training: Prayer Sat 30th March, 0930 - 1200 Trainer: Willie Henry

  • Training March 19: Homelessness

    Training: Homelessness & Begging Sat 30th March, 1300 - 1530 Trainer: Glasgow City Mission

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Glasgow Street Pastors can provide speakers who are currently involved in teams and experienced in presentation work. They can deliver short talks or more extended presentations depending on your event. We are also able to provide displays and resources for exhibitions. To book a speaker, please click the link to the left, and fill in the form.
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