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Glasgow Street Pastors began in January 2009 with 50 volunteers. Now, over 120 volunteers operate in 8 Street Pastor teams, Safe Zone teams and Prayer Pastors teams. We also have teams patrolling in the west end of the city.

Street Pastors is an interdenominational, Christian organsisation, working in partnership with local churches, Glasgow City Council, Police Scotland. This is known as the Urban Trinity.

Street Pastors engage with a variety of people who use the night economy of the city centre, especially those who become vulnerable and require support for a safe onward journey. We also work with the increasing number of homeless people to be found in the city centre. We provide support not only to Police Scotland but also to door stewards and taxi marshals. Teams are linked by radio to the CCTV control centre at Community Safety Glasgow, enabling a speedy response to requests for help. Team leaders can also request cameras to cover potential flashpoints.

Volunteers are fully trained in practices and procedures, listening skills, team working, homelessness and cultural awareness. Police Scotland, British Red Cross and the Licensing Department also give training. Volunteers are committed to continuing professional development courses.

Street Pastors come from diverse backgrounds and operate in mixed gender teams. All volunteers have PVG registration. They are motivated to demonstrate non-judgmental, compassionate care in the heart of the city by listening, caring and helping. The instantly recognisable uniform is welcomed on the streets of Glasgow and at other major events.

Street Pastors is a respected, established, faith-centred agency, which receives regular, excellent feedback from partner agencies and the general public.

Glasgow Street Pastors
St. George's Tron
163 Buchanan Street

Glasgow G1 2JX

Office Hours:Mon - Fri: 1030 - 1530
Coordinator: 07530 542 631 0900 - 2000, Mon - Sat
Safe Zone: 07828 053 883 2200 - 0400, Fri & Sat
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