The expectation was that the weekend just passed could have been 'high risk' due to the returning students, the first league Old Firm game in 4 years and the added complication of strike action affecting CCTV coverage. Our teams reported an unusually quiet night on Friday and a calm if busy city centre on Saturday. Only 55 pairs of flip flops handed out and even fewer bottles, 36, collected than normal. So what did we do this weekend? We continued to engage with the homeless, our cycle pastors intervened to stop a heroin addict attempting suicide, 'God appointments' with a lapsed Catholic, a man struggling with faith who had gone through believers baptism, a young girl who was having difficulties in her relationship with her mother. We prayed with 10 people on the streets and one man in the Safe Zone. We called parents, we helped people sober up, we gave first aid assistance and people were helped with their onward journeys. God gave us time to listen and engage in conversations that people needed to have. Who knows what miracles of transformation might come from our encounters! Pray for the coming weekend, as Freshers week will have been in full swing. The Safe Zone will also be open this Friday night. Please also pray for the second training day on Saturday for our new recruits.

Another wonderful effort by all our teams over the past weekend. The compassionate care being demonstrated on the streets and in the Safe Zone is having an impact on our city that cannot be measured by statistics alone. The conversations, the prayer, the practical help we offer in supporting vulnerable people, working with our partner agencies....we are making a difference! We made a difference to the 103 people who received flip flops. Once again we cleared a huge number of bottles, 72, from the streets. Both Police Scotland and Community Safety Glasgow recognise the difference this is making. Over 56 people, in their own enthusiastic Glasgow style, expressed their appreciation for the great work we do. Can I thank you for being the amazing ambassadors that you are not only for Street Pastors but more importantly for our Saviour too. We are opening the Safe Zone over the next two Friday nights as extras due to the anticipated increase in the number expected in the city. We have a team in place for this Friday but please get in touch if you could help on Friday 16th.

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